Summer University Reboot

Jeanne Lakits


17-18 August

Is it possible to think in physics without building images?

How can quantum physics « land in the body »? This is my starting point.

Undirectional is a practice that I developed: my mental practice as a dancer and my physical exploration as a physicist. It is an exercise in working to undermine the production of image in dance, from within (the thought processes in the production of dance) and from without(the thought processes in observing that dance).

It does not take place in space. Projection into one instantaneous reality which can not determine the following event. Trajectory is not the representation. The mind feels dominated by a truth that it has constructed itself. Imagination becomes a false instrument which can not conform to the way in which nature actually acts. The discomfort of not being able to identify an image makes us create our own interpretation, in order to reconcile ourselves with this unthinkable reality. The image that we attempt to make is not catchable and it pushes us to constantly change the ones that we produce. At the same time, knowing that the image is unreachable, all the ones that are coming are accepted and redefined constantly.

How does the search for "undirectionality" evolve?

How does the permanent try to undefine the body occur?

How is the production of an image constantly redirected and not concluded?

How to come with awareness to a state of confusion and staying within that state?

I would like to share my practice physically, orally and visually, through a workshop-lecture-presentation-dialogue.

By questioning our defined position in space and time, my research concerns the experience that a being has on reality, a body-mind engaged in a certain problem. Working with absurdity and paradox, the aestheticism, the form and the achievement do not matter to my work. I am looking for creating conditions in the dance and through the dance, to bring out problems and open questions.