Summer University Reboot

Abigail Aleksander + Davide Tidoni

Touch of Sound

15-16 August

Photo by Michela di Savino
For the last three years we have been performing and developing a series of sound scores that look at the inter-relationships between sound, space and movement. The scores are based around the concept of ‘listening as an intervention’. Through practicing these scores, we have noticed that they tend to lend themselves to a specific body awareness / physicality. Using the scores as our springboard, together we will share, experiment, and uncover new ways to approach movement which are led by the ear-situated-in-space. How does sound penetrate the body? How can we shape sound with our body? How does our presence and the way we move in space affect the space’s acoustics? How do we want to move within this sound-space? How does all this impact the way we feel?