Summer University Reboot

Alice Williams

The Tale of the Wolf

25-26 August

The Tale of the Wolf is Alice's fictional autobiography, telling the story of her life as half human half wolf, set within a fictional history of wolves in Australia. Woven between fragments of Angela Carter fairy tales, playful anecdotes about the performer's family life and fictional texts, it tells the story of one woman's journey through the woods, alone, too late at night. It encounters our animal natures that must be reconciled with our projected fears of nature for the processes of theatre, and human connection, to function.

The performance began as a series of family anecdotes and research into the figure of the wolf as a symbol of transformation in traditional storytelling between cultures. It was written at a time when the performer was processing the history of family incest and sexual predation in her own family, an impossible story to tell. It developed through her process of training in residence with Roberta Carreri who supervised its development briefly at Nordisk Theaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret. Although Carreri worked with the performer only for a week and was not aware of the performance text beyond the theme of the wolf, the training had a transformational impact on the performance, allowing it to find the fictional space from which it speaks.

The performance is accompanied by a workshop: Finding the Thread. The workshop shares theatre training approaches used in the development of the performance, as well as approaches developed through the performer's individual practice. Working with text, lived experience, and physical training it aims to assist participants to search for paths towards developing and strengthening their own practice. It helps us find the thread between theatre making and our individual experiences. It playfully weaves these worlds together enabling theatre makers to fashion the fabric of their own fictional and everyday lives.