Summer University Reboot

Némo Flouret + Magdalene Solli + Maja Wilhite-Hannisdal

The Secret Garden: Practicing the Outside

18-20 August

The secret garden sets off to serve as a place in which we share, find and make tools of how to practice "the outside". Our point of departure will be the PAF-garden. We’ll aim for the workshop to play out at different hours of the day, so we can be with the garden in its varying states. 

Over the course of three days, we will look for hidden dimensions of the garden, and try to map our surroundings, from meadows, hedges and ruins, to secret portals, saints and bugs – investigations that might also lead us to a neighbouring field, a memorial site or a forest. Maybe we enter into some kind of Ausdruckstanz under the sun, or a witchy ritual amongst some trees at dusk, or we may just explore modes of resting in the grass all day. 

We keep open the possibility for the workshop to generate a performance.  

List of things to do:

- investigate the PAF-garden
- share tools
- create a toolbox
- practice "the outside"
- map
- work site-specific
- create a performance

*changes are welcome to occur as we go