Summer University Reboot

Clément De Boever + Anna Gaïotti


10-11 August

we disappeared ; now we reappear we a dance, only the dance - with no mask. we shed we mutate through our I/s, we rubbed shoulders shapelessly. what keep us within the rage ? what would be the music embodiment  - the dance - of that rage ? and how to keep ourselves available to go in it, meaning out of I ?

Clément De Boever is Alexander technique professor and performer ; Anna Gaïotti is performer choreographer and writer, working with/in experimental music. Within this 3 days workshop, we will combine Alexander technique as a process to question the body posture and to provide it availability for perception and movement, with a physical performance work that aims to explore the presences of rages. How to name with ‘dance’ what’s underlying to us, putting ourself forward the consumed and consuming words.