Summer University Reboot

Fredrik Floen + Runa Skolseg

PAF VOGUE - We don't Vogue, we are Vogue

18 August

Fredrik Floen and Runa Borch Skolseg explore performance as a hybrid form through costume, fashion and text. At Paf summer university, we will host a fashion-fanzine workshop that will be a starting point on a research that hopefully will end up in a publication about hybrids between costume and fashion.  

Oscar Wilde writes in the portrait of Dorian Grat that it is only shallow, superficial people who do not judge things after the apparition.The real mystery of life is in the visible, not the invisible. Clothes can be worn so we are about resisting the meaning we instead play with its components and attributes. We dress like someone else, take another surface that we want to expose something other than or the same as what we expose and act by other means. We balance a symbol against another, a form of action or gesture towards another. And through this balancing we do not have to deal with some of the surface's other meanings.

In the fanzine we will ask questions like, how can costume show us that clothing is a language we communicate that has different meanings in different contexts? How is costume / fashion a social and aesthetic phenomenon rooted in a heterogeneous network of global interdependence, political, and cultural processes and strategies? ? How can costume be politics, a legacy, a manifested resistance, defiance or joy?