Summer University Reboot

Tessa Hall

Medusa is Laughing

20 August

This solo originated as a study of The Laugh of the Medusa, by Hélène Cixous (1976). I wanted to develop a physical research of Cixous’ writing style, ‘écriture féminine’, which moves beyond the conventional bounds of patriarchal language.

Over time, the study turned into a person and a woman with a mission appeared. I call her Medusa. Medusa’s aim is to push through an impossibly inefficient, illogical, explosive way of moving until another body arrives... or another. Like Cixous, Medusa finds it crucial to invent a language that encapsulates all female narratives. This means that she finds herself concerned with the de-essentialization of women. Medusa is not afraid of being deadly (as mythology portrays her) because she knows there’s more to her than that. Medusa sabotages reason. 

Performance: 50 minutes

Thanks to: P.A.R.T.S, Bojana Cvejić, Wild Gallery, CCN Orléans, Solène Wachter, Synne Elve Enoksen, Margarida Marques Ramalhete, Bleu Printemps

An accompanying text is viewable here.