Summer University Reboot

Jean Bender

Lunetta Workshop

12-13 August

This workshop will purpose discovering how to build simple noise and musical instruments. Lunettas are very simple, digital, noisy, quirky, and lots of fun. Forget the analog synth model - no VCOs, filters, ADSRs, and that stuff. In some way, these aren't synthesizers because they aren't designed to synthesize any sounds. They are certainly electronic musical instruments. “These machines are named after Stanley Lunetta of Sacramento, California, who was the first discovering the misused of cmos components and teached people how to use them making noise. During this workshop, I will explain how to build simple oscillators and more complex ways to mix their signals to obtain unique noise boxes.You won’t need any skills to be part of, no soldering will be done, only work on breadboards. We’ll start from scratch and see where it goes !

Workshop will be based on a 1 day scheduled, but if you’re interested in and want to go further, you’ll can stay the 2 days for sure. Each day i’ll explain the lunettas basis,  the way to use breadboard and each components. If you plan to come, just please bring a headphone as I cannot share them.