Summer University Reboot

London Historiography of Philosophy Working Group

18-19 August

Members of the London Historiography of Philosophy Working Group (Matt Hare, Stephen Howard, Marie Louise Krogh, Giovanni Menegalle, Lucie Mercier, Daniel Whistler) will lead two sessions based on the seminars and reading groups we have run over the past three years. Last summer, we hosted a series of informal sessions at PAF under the title 'Individuation as a problem in the method and history of the history of philosophy', and look forward to resuming things this year for Summer University.

We are interested in conceptual and political problems in the methods of the history of philosophy. The focus of the sessions will be: what is at stake in the various processes through which which philosophical objects (movements, schools, works, Ĺ“uvres, doctrines, etc.) are demarcated? We will read and discuss extracts from lesser-known theorists and historians of philosophy.