Summer University Reboot


La Queer Life: Domesticity, Kinship, Utopia

18 August

This proposal is a follow-up to my book Queer Communal Kinship Now!, forthcoming with Punctum Books. It starts from a questioning of the naturalized aspects of the bourgeois family model, in order to ask: if this hetero-, mono- and cis- normative institution is grounded in our patriarchal, colonial and capitalist history, and constituted the family ethics of western modernity, what could be a queer feminist and anti-capitalist ethics of social reproduction today? How do we redistribute care, love and affection? What strategies can we deploy to bring sensitivity and imagination back into our relational landscape?

Inspired by anti-patriarchal and gender-fuck approaches to home and kinship formation, this workshop will lead us into a collective exploration of what queerness does to our narratives of bonding. Following the communal hypothesis, we will shape an affective space of togetherness, experiment with reparative practices of care, and begin to uncover the outlines of our queer utopia(s). Finally, we will approach the topic of representation and prefigurative politics in the performing arts.