Summer University Reboot

Hélène Paris

Ghost Memories

19 August

The former convent that houses Paf is a massive building from 1875 that has a heavy past: Catholic school for young girls, military hospital (German and French), occupied by the Gestapo or a sect more recently.

Over the years of my presence I have listened to stories of apparitions in the corridor, visits during sleep, strange energies in the building, usually only secondhand stories however.As part of a personal research, independently form the structure of Paf, I started to gather testimonies of special events, paranormal-seeming or eerie experiences that have happened to people when they were in the building.

My interest is the singular narratives that these kind of events create. For SU Reboot I’ll present a sound piece composed by records of these testimonies.This project seeks to understand a mode of sensitivity halfway between the interior and the exterior, the object and the sensation, the real and the unreal, in a phenomenology of the ghost.