Summer University Reboot

Fredag Aften

The We in Text

15-17 August

Who is the subject of a collective text? Can a shared writing host a plurality of authors? How are the social relations among a constellation of people translated into the use of a first-person pronoun? These are problematics that are answerable only in praxis and, for a few years now, we have been practicing once a week. We propose to continue the experiments at SU across three workshops sharing experiences with methods of collective discussion, transcription and editing in order to produce a We.

Fredag Aften,, is a weekly newsletter of theory, poetry and interventions, re-editing and rewriting everyday struggles in an expanded form of translation and commentary. The primary aim lies not in the written work produced but in the act itself of assembling friends and comrades each week in a renewed attempt at a collective utterance, both identifying with and dissociating from previous weeks’ formulations. As such, our focus and indeed the very lens through which we read and discuss the texts at hand is the everyday life that we meet in, alongside and despite of. The We in such texts is always a specific constellation, marked by absence, separation, and luck, and it becomes a central concern for our discussions and writings. Not only in terms of what we read and what we are up against, but also when it comes to what brings us together. What is that, and can it be written? Please join us in this question, in text. See you there.