Summer University Reboot

Julia Rubies

Finding Personal Space In All Of This (FPSIAOT)

15-16 August

Through a dramaturgy of practices that will build in these 2 days, we will hone on creating a different balancing act between being in relation to others (the many bodies we dance through, texts, beliefs, influences…) and being with oneself - as well as complicating this apparent dichotomy. It is a reflection on the systemic tendency of solo artists conducting individual researches whilst also feeling the need to belong, reference and continue to give certain representations as modes of self-inscription. How would we see ourselves or from where would we act out of if we could, for a moment, soften these relations?

These questions are not to be asked on the level of constructing a more solid positioning or fixed artistic voice, but a matter of making space for seeing oneself as a context and attend to the multiplicities we carry inside of ourselves which we don’t always attend to; to shine light to other places and situations that also speak through us.  Through the combination of practices that we will do we will get some time to hone in ourselves, become a bit more playful and give ourselves more permission; to try things out that maybe come from a different place than our usual motors.