Summer University Reboot

Nicolas Siepen


10 August

“In composition you have all the time you want to decide what to say in 15 seconds, in improvisation you have 15 seconds.”

—Steve Lacy

A collective music making process without a fixed pre-conception but a shared horizon of POP/PUNK - NEW MUSIC - FREE JAZZ. Based on an already written refrain the goal is to begin an ongoing process together as an open group which would try to produce improvised composition together from time to time. During this process I would like to institute the PAF Dolls Arkestra for that matter. A long term combo at PAF for music making and conceptual thinking around sound as a practice between improvisation and composition. The PAFDAcomo can change all the time and is open for everybody to join and leave at any time. PAF means here POPULAR - AVANTGARDE - FREE and is as such connected to develop the new Sound Studio at PAF and experiment with ways of production in a very practical sense.  

DOXA is a part of the SONIC TIME MACHINES cluster

Sonic Time Machines depart from the medium of sound to reflect on questions of science fiction and worldbuilding. It is meant as a place for the presentation, reflection and feedback of sound-based work. 

Materials will be shared in this folder.