Summer University Reboot

Coven Press

Laboratory of Sensual Journalism

12-13 August

This workshop explores the structural and sensuous translation between thinking through dancing and thinking through writing. Respecting the media-specificity and differences of dancing and writing, the work is not to subordinate one medium of thought to the other, nor to aim for one-to-one representation by one of the other, but rather to nurture generative processes of translation that create new relations, pathways, and inroads to understanding the metaphors and synesthetics that make words move through the dynamics of each one's own brilliant moving mody-bind. Embracing the social nature of dancing-thinking and looking for adequate language for the calibration of sensation, imagination, and observation that takes place in dancing, this research has generated a handful of dancing-writing methods that lead to collectively authored science fiction. This writing is called “Sensual Journalism,” rather than science fiction, to emphasize that more than being a meeting of science and fiction, it is a way of documenting actual lived sense-experience, as psychedelic and surreal as it may truly be. The term "Sensual Journalism" is a term coined by Coven Press, a fictionalized group of dancing-writers gathered by Eleanor Bauer within her PhD research in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts (2017-2022).

View Eleanor Bauer's choreo | graphy : documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis) exposition on Research Catalogue HERE.
Download Coven Press: News From the Proto Splace (2019) and Coven Press: The Remything Edition HERE.

Download Nora the Many: a choreo | graphic novel HERE.