Summer University Reboot

Constanza Bizraelli

Auralisms: The Relativity of Acoustic Presence

23 August

“Auralisms: The Relativity of Acoustic Presence” is a sound installation and ongoingresearch project developed by Constanza Bizraelli, during 2021 at the SpatialSound Institute In Budapest and utilizing the 4Dsound system; a spatial soundtechnology based on the creation of sound holograms.“Auralisms” investigates the notion of presence via the sonic exploration ofspacetime, general relativity theory and ideas connected to spirituality, the subtlebodies, and ancient cosmologies. The aim of the research is to generate a theory of presence through the development of a speculative model of spacetime-to-sound transduction; the hypotetical conversion of spacetime into sound. The installation provided a topologically fluid soundspace in which users could get tointuit their own presence through the act of listenning to the the alterations itnaturally produced on the sonic medium.In the installation’s context, the act of being, or the allocation of presence to aspatio-temporally-altered region constitutes a reflexive event, which returns to usvia sound. “Presence” in this context, produces self-evidence, as it sonicallyradiates outwards.

Following this line of thought, the concavity of field-being, auroral presence andsonic torsions become mere consequences of the act of being present and theintensive complexities unfolded by the nuptials of presence and medium. To be able to note one’s presence through the act of listening, to become sonically self-evident, and the generation of an sentient oscillatory intimacy between agent and medium, are some of the main outputs of this investigation/artwork.

The intervention will consist of two parts. The first one will be a lecture, in whichthe theoretical and conceptual aspects of the work will be presented. The secondpart will consist of a listenning session in which the original piece composed for theinstallation will be presented.